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We evaluate your potential claim free of charge, and then we work on a contingency fee basis where we are only paid from the final verdict or settlement.

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We’ve successfully handled substantial birth injury cases of all types, over many years.

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We communicate with you every step of the way, and take time to explain everything in terms you can understand.  You will feel fully informed throughout the process.


We only take meritorious cases and strive to hold negligent healthcare providers accountable and to prevent this from happening again.

idaho capitalGenerally speaking, Medical Malpractice is a medical mistake, act, or omission by a healthcare provider that causes compensable harm to the patient. We are skilled and knowledgeable in medical malpractice law. The Idaho Birth Injury Law Firm of Mahoney Law, PLLC handles a unique type of medical malpractice case: birth injury claims.

Medical Negligence Claims

Birth injury medical malpractice claims are brought where the negligence of a doctor, nurse, hospital, or other healthcare provider has caused harm or injury to the mother, fetus, or baby during the pregnancy, labor, delivery, or neonatal period. Negligent conduct by a healthcare provider in this context often, tragically, results in very serious, permanent complications for baby, mother, and the family, with the damages running up into the millions of dollars. We work to balance the scales of justice in such cases, by securing families the monetary coverage they are owed. We are caring, understanding, and sensitive to your situation in dealing with the effects of medical negligence on your family.

Some categories of birth injury medical malpractice lawsuits that we handle are:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Shoulder Dystocia – Erb’s Palsy
  • Birth Asphixia
  • Birth Defects
  • Uterine Hemorrhage
  • Umbilical Cord Problems
  • And may other types of birth injuries

Learn about the Process for bringing a birth injury medical malpractice claim and the Idaho Birth Injury Law Firm of Mahoney Law.

Speak with a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you suspect that you may have a birth injury medical malpractice claim, please contact us immediately to discuss your situation. We thoroughly screen every potential new case and often meet personally with you to discuss the facts and allegations. We endeavor to accommodate your busy schedules and will always make time for questions and answers. We offer free consultations with no obligation. We work on a contingency fee basis where payment for our time and effort is a commission percentage paid only out of any successful recovery we gain on your behalf.


The Idaho Birth Injury Law Firm of Mahoney Law, PLLC has a successful, proven track record of obtaining substantial monetary awards and settlements for our clients.

$7.2 million settlement Cerebral palsy birth injury case
The baby suffered a lack of oxygen during the labor and delivery process. The baby also suffered intra uterine growth restriction during the last phase of the pre-natal period. A portion of the funds will be invested in trust with lifetime benefits to the child in the amount of $19 million.
$6 million jury verdict Medical negligence case
Our client was one of five family members to share in a verdict against a hospital, two anesthesiologists, and a transfusion technician for the death of a patient during surgery.
$3 million settlement Medical malpractice
Against doctors and hospital for medical malpractice during a labor and delivery. The healthcare providers failed to perform a timely cesarean section, resulting in anoxic brain injury and cerebral palsy.
$27 million settlement
Mr. Mahoney was part of the trial team on a case tried in state court in Idaho, wherein a $27 million settlement was reached after a successful trial of the liability phase of the case.
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